Elevated Shopping for All 

At Sassanova, we know what’s new and next in fashion - AND we know what our Sassy gals want: service that goes above and beyond, stylists who “get” them, and most importantly, shopping made easy! SmartStyle by Sassanova is a new, totally customizable way to shop, whether getting the dressing room delivered to your door, enlisting our talented team to expertly curate your next style box, or hosting an intimate fete with our mobile pop-up. Just as we anticipate the next season’s trends, we’ve got a hunch you will fall for our newly minted slate of services that cater to your busy lifestyle and your sensibilities. Now, isn’t that smart?! 


The Team at Sassanova 


dressing room

Your Dressing Room, Delivered 

box of sass 

style box

The Style Box Goes Sassy! 



FaceTiming...But Make it Fashion 

private parties

Upgrade Your Social Hour 

flash of sass

Coming in Hot!