Sarah "Sassy" Jacobs + Sarah Cannova = SASSANOVA

Mutual friends kept telling Sassy Jacobs and Sarah Cannova that they should really meet each other, but when the two finally got together for an evening of reality television, they didn't bond over the exploits of The Bachelorette or the coincidence that they were both named Sarah and both married to men named Chris. Instead, Sassy asked the question that would cement their friendship: Wanna see my shoes?

Sassy, born and bred in D.C., and Sarah, born in NYC and raised in Kansas City, both lived and worked in New York City before moving to D.C. in 2002. Frustrated by the omnipresence of chains and sick of journeying to suburban department stores for designer shoes, these shoe junkies were desperate for a fix.

Fast-forward ten years later, 3 stores and 7 children between the two of them, Sassy and Sarah’s vision has become a staple of the Washington/Maryland fashion scene. With the recent addition of clothing and an abundance of unique accessories, Sassanova has made its name as one of the area’s premier boutiques.